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candidate02's Journal

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Name: Sure La Card
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Favorite things: Una, his classmates, Pro-Ing, helping people.
Hated things: Fighting, pessimism, rice, violence.
Personality: Sure is very calm and very pleasant, a little too much at times. He's not one for violence or fighting, and he's easily convinced to back down from a fight if one presents itself. He tries to do what's best for those around him, and honestly thinks that things will turn out well in the end.

He has a "special power" sort of thing, called EX, which is somewhat common in the world he comes from. Only males can have EX, and no two people can have the same EX (though it can manifest in very similar ways); Sure's EX is an ability to absorb physical force without sustaining an injury. Think Blob from X-Men--it's the same basic idea. His EX doesn't always work when it should or when he wants it to, though, and eventually, it'll run out...hopefully that won't be anytime soon, considering where he lives now.

(Sure is played by mouthofbrass for the soulesssuburbia RPG, and is owned by Yukiru Sugisaki.)
agui keimeia, bellarcha enoch, fair play, not cars, not fighting, piloting, pro-ing, the other senior candidates